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About Us

The Moody Maiden is here to celebrate human diversity in all of its forms in the moodiest, sassiest way possible.


The Moody Maiden seeks to empower women and marginalized voices, to challenge gender roles and cultural norms, and to provoke change and conversation. The Moody Maiden is a place of retaliation for any woman, man, or non-binary person who has ever been victimized or oppressed by the patriarchy, misogyny, racism, sexism, and/or sexually assaulted.  We hope our products will encourage individuals to think differently about their world view and perspective. 


Feminism is as much a process of learning as it is a process of unlearning. Feminism is not about us vs. them, or men vs. women; it’s about us vs. ourselves, and challenging what we have learned, seen, done, or heard. Feminism means inclusivity on a fundamental level. It means making space for allowing people to be their most authentic, human self, without attributing superiority or inferiority to whatever that authenticity may be. Feminism is about raising all types of women up. It's about equality.


The Moody Maiden is owned and operated out of Victoria, BC by Emma Pickering; a tea mug wielding, mid-20 something writer and entrepreneur.

Originally from Ontario, Emma left her 9-5 office job in mid 2018 for a more rewarding lifestyle living as an online entrepreneur where she could be her own boss.

The concept and niche for the shop stems from a personal place for Emma–one involving experiences with ignorance and prejudice surrounding feminism and sexual trauma. Uninspired by the usual cliche feminist designs seen everywhere on the web, and fuelled by her own experiences, Emma honed in on the niche she wanted to target and the ideas for product designs came pouring through. 


Emma believes deeply in actively contributing to the feminist cause and making change happen. As such, $1 from every order goes towards a fund to be donated to women and sexual assault survivors in need. She is also especially passionate about expanding feminist education in high schools–especially around female sexuality–and is interested in learning how to get feminist and mental health zines into classrooms. 


If you:

  • are interested in purchasing items wholesale for your own shop or business
  • have a feminist zine you think we might like
  • want a licensing agreement to sell our designs on your own products
  • or are interested in collaborating in some other way

please contact Emma at shop@themoodymaiden.com


Photo of Emma Pickering, shop owner. Photo Credit: Cassandra's Space Photography